Our Process Mining Sprints

We'll show you how quickly the potential in your business processes becomes visible within 10 days - with our Process Miner Sprint. Within 10 days, we analyze the "digital footprints" of a process you select within your IT system landscape and reconstruct your complete process flow - at a fixed price! We visualize all variants of the respective processes as they actually ran in your system. This enables you to quickly identify deviations from the desired process and initiate any necessary countermeasures. As part of our Process Mining Sprints, we investigate the "digital footprints" of your corporate processes together with you. We reveal optimization opportunities - technology-independent, resource-efficient, and extremely efficient. The advantages of a Process Mining Sprint include:


Shorter feedback loops: Working in sprints allows us to receive feedback more quickly and make changes to ensure that the result meets your requirements.

Improved communication: Sprint meetings held regularly promote communication among all team members and help avoid misunderstandings.


Your results: The visualization of processes can have many benefits, including:


You get your process visualized. When processes are visualized, it's easier to communicate them and ensure that all stakeholders have a common understanding. It also makes it easier to identify and address communication issues.

Improved process optimization: Visualizing processes makes it easier to identify inefficient or unnecessary steps. This allows processes to be optimized for speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Better risk management: Process visualizations can help identify and assess risks within a process. This enables steps to be taken to minimize or eliminate risks before they become a problem.

Easier training: When processes are visualized, they are easier to understand and learn. This facilitates the training of new employees and the transfer of knowledge to others.

More transparency: Visualizing processes allows all stakeholders to better track the progress of the process and understand who is responsible for each step. This can improve collaboration and trust among team members.


    You can also find more information here: https://valuedata.io/pmc-process-mining-sprints/ ValueData Miner is an initiative of PMC Services GmbH (www.pmc-services.de) and ValueData (www.valuedata.io).
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