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ValueData Miner

ValueData Miner

ValueData Miner

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With ValueData Miner you can visualize and analyze complex business processes and identify optimization potential. ValueData Miner is a powerful extension for Microsoft Power BI that allows you to automatically create detailed process graphs.

The visual extracts information from event logs that capture events and activities in the process. It analyzes this data and automatically creates a process graph that maps the entire flow of the process. The process graph shows the connections between activities, the order of execution, and any branches.

The process graphs created are interactive and allow you to zoom into the process flow, examine specific activities, and identify bottlenecks or deviations. You can customize the display to emphasize different aspects of the process, such as the duration of specific activities or the number of operations in different process steps.

Integration with Microsoft Power BI lets you seamlessly integrate ValueData Miner with your existing dashboards and reports. You can combine it with other data visualizations and analytics to create a comprehensive and meaningful analytics environment.

Overall, ValueData Miner for Microsoft Power BI provides an easy-to-use and efficient solution for generating meaningful process graphs from event logs. It helps companies understand their business processes, eliminate bottlenecks and make efficiency improvements.

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